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1. Welcome to 21st Century Memorabilia Fund Raising

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21st Century Memorabilia offers Fund Raising Events a no risk program to help increase the fundraising potential for your charity events.  There are no costs to the organization for using 21st Century Memorabilia at your event.  We offer a wide variety of sports and entertainment memorabilia that will appeal to a diverse audience. Allow your guests to bid with confidence as all autographed items come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

If you have been invited to this site plesae go to Guest Profiles on the left just above Contact Us. Open Guest Profiles and follow the instructions and you will be part of the website and can collaborate with other Guests as well.

If you would like to join the website or just need more information please use the Contact Us Buuton. 


2. How does 21st Century Memorabilia Fundraising program work?

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21st Century Memorabilia provides your organization with a no risk fundraising program that will increase your fundraising potential, while providing an exciting new element to your event. We provide you with everything needed to run a profitable auction at your organization's next event.  There is no cost to you, and an opportunity to receive increased donations at your event.  We offer an extensive choice of sports and entertainment memorabilia, customized to fit your individual organization's need.  

Our mission is to provide non-profit organizations with no risk fundraising solutions through the supply of sports and entertainment memorabilia for use at your event.


3. How do you provide this opportunity at no risk?

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There is no cost to your organization to use 21st Century Memorabilia.  We offer a no risk fundraising program by providing your organization with all of the items on a consignment basis.  We supply the memorabilia to your event, and whatever does not sell, we take back at no cost to you.   We deliver custom high-quality silent auction items selected for your location, audience and price points, plus bid sheets and table displays. Shipping is on us, as is return shipping for items that do not sell. No contracts. No credit cards up front.


4. When should I contact 21st Century Memorabilia ?

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If you are in the early planning stages of your fundraising event or auction, contact 21st Century Memorabilia. The earlier we are involved, the more options we'll have on your Fund Raising Items. But that being said, don't hesitate to contact us last minute. We're very accustomed to 11th hour pleas for help and do it regularly...just about every weekend. And even if your fundraiser is good to go but you just need a little more pizzazz in your Fund Raising offerings, don't hesitate to drop us a line. No notice is too short or request to small for us to be able to help you make your event an even bigger success!



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